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Day 02 - Baby Steps - Moving Forward - Casket Media - Business Startup Resources from Success to Significance

The hardest part of finding success with The Freedom Journal is just diving back into the Freedom Journal. It’s easy for me to set lofty goals – or sent loosely (ie. poorly) defined goals without end dates. I kicked off my Freedom Journal (Round 2) by committing to simply a launch date and moved forward! Day 2 is where the rubber meets the road – and it starts to actually take work moving in the right direction.

I learned a few things – while 160 people watched the first video and then this inside the group – the policy is to delete your first post if you’re posting every day. Which is great in that you don’t want a handful of people clogging up the news feed in the group – but makes it very hard to follow a story and catch up unless you see a daily post.

Day 1 was deleted – but I downloaded day 2 and embedded it below!

Is it super educational? No. It was meant to be a follow-up encouragement video inviting people already in the Freedom Journal community. Nonetheless – here’s the video from day 2!

If you need accountability with your goals, I’d love to have you on a video chat as well! Stay tuned for tomorrow (Day 3) where we dive in with David about his goals – which includes JUST STARTING!

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